Fasting: Why do we need it?

Susan Guner
2 min readNov 7, 2021


In ancient teachings, it’s known that life is “cyclical”

It is evident in all existence and creation, nature, planets, the human body — all life is connected in the cyclical universe.

The body is connected to the cyclical nature, solar cycles, lunar cycles, earth cycles — the very essence of the physical existence is cyclical including our birth and death. Sadly, we lost the connection to cyclical living as we made huge advancements in our evolutionary process.

According to the mystic traditions, if one is in tune with their own body — heart, gut, psyche and intuition, one can tap into the cyclical nature of their life and attune to their biology creating healthy and resilient working systems in their functioning as well as tune into a higher order of consciousness.

We can become a master of intellectual property, study and read everything under the sun and accumulate knowledge however unless we attune to our biology, all knowledge will remain as information.

Rule of the thumb when it comes to upgrading our body, mind spirit is in the experience such as fasting. If you are wondering how to reconnect to the cyclical nature of your body, start with fasting regularly to increase capacity over time and reunite with your inner wisdom.

If you feel too far out, disconnected beyond the point of no return — look into microdosing psilocybin/plants (in the right context) to help you come home.

Disclaimer: Please do your research before diving into the ancient practices especially fasting — denying your body from water and food can be detrimental when there’s no psychological support.

The group processes are the best in exploring a new practice as it provides a safe container and support — join us on the weekend group fasting challenge!

Much Love

*DM for support if you are serious about doing the work.



Susan Guner

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