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  • C.J. Mastropietro

    C.J. Mastropietro

  • Evan Lewis-Healey

    Evan Lewis-Healey

    PhD student at Cambridge University. Studying the cognitive neuroscience of altered states of consciousness | Writer for Psychedelic Spotlight

  • The MIND Foundation

    The MIND Foundation

    Building a healthier, more connected world through psychedelic research and education.

  • Jessica Bovee

    Jessica Bovee

    Heal. Grow. Share. Support my work: beacons.ai/theroote

  • Mark Simon Burk

    Mark Simon Burk

    Mark’s an advertising creative and strategic consultant for companies in the neuroscience and psychedelics space and a curious observer of this burgeoning field

  • Sage Gosner

    Sage Gosner

    Explorer Extraordinaire. Diving deep into the unknown. Everything is love.

  • Psilo


    Psilo is a the story of what happens on Psilo when 3 species collide on the planet, starting with 3D avatar metaverse NFTs. Experienced team and strong road map

  • Gemini Adams

    Gemini Adams

    { Therapist | Author | Educator } Ideas to upgrade your mental and emotional health, so you CAN love this crazy thing called life! ❤ Connect: geminiadams.com

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