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Honoring The Healing Journey with Microdosing

Susan Guner


“Suppressed energy doesn’t go away, and cannot be destroyed. It needs to move, to become, to transmute; it must find an expression. In this way, unconscious material rises again and again to the surface, seeking to be met, detoxed, and clarified. Until trauma has been acknowledged, felt, and released, it will be experienced from without in the form of repetition compulsion and projection and from within as tension and contraction, reduction of life flow, illness or disease.”

Ignorance in our true nature of the self is one of the greatest causes of suffering and the antidote to suffering is the connection to our somatic intelligence. The traumas that we chronically carry informs the way we inhabit our bodies, how we walk, how we stand, how we talk and how we are in our bodies.

Microdosing psilocybin is a trauma-informed, deep self-work into a life-changing, embodied process with efficacy, offering lasting personal transformation. While a high dose of Psychedelic experience produces spiritual openings, it is a known fact that the ineffable transpersonal experiences can fade away and inner work remains untouched. With microdosing, the subtle transcendent states help us connect with our nervous system leading to somatic healing by increasing the inner connection that helps us acknowledge, process, and release the pain and traumas that are held in our bodies.

Trauma is the hidden pandemic infecting humans and we cannot know our trauma until there’s an opening — microdosing is a powerful tool in creating the opening when used in the right set, setting and context.

“The body will always tell the truth.”

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Susan Guner

Holistic Psychotherapist | Host of Psychedelic Conversations Podcast | RESET Microdosing Integration Program