Art by Jennifer B Hudson

How do you choose to suffer?

The illusory self is the enemy, not the ego and the illusion of the self goes beyond having an unrealistic vision of who we are and we stay attached to that image forever.

The ego misunderstood by many people in the spiritual world as the villain to be destroyed, killed and dissolved. Yet, the ego is our loyal servant, our lighthouse, navigator, intimate companion. It has only one job — amplifying our illusory self which made of infinite layers of the unconscious construct.

The ego is our best employee, doesn’t question our motives, relentless pursuit of attention-seeking, righteousness, unrealistic expectations of life and others; it never questions our morals, values. The ego is the ally reinforcing what’s already within, protecting the idealised version of us.

It’s not the ego death, but the death of the perceived self can offer greater awareness to shift our consciousness. We are inherently self-deceiving; we create an indestructible illusion of what is real and distract ourselves from self-reflection.

The capacity to self-reflection is at the heart of awakening. This is a time of transformation, initiation, inner work, dive deeper into self-awareness. We are called to remember life is not permanent; it’s a finite dream.

Lay down your righteousness, expectations, assumptions, arrogance, judgements, know-it-all attitude.

Lay down your entitlement, victimhood, resentments, emotional wounds.

Lay down your dysfunctional patterns and sit in silence until you begin to feel your heart opening with grace and humility.

Love and Courage



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Susan Guner

Susan Guner


Holistic Psychotherapist | Host of Psychedelic Conversations Podcast | RESET Microdosing Integration Program