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Issue Is In The Tissue

Susan Guner


There’s a growing interest in the concept of “embodiment” as we are navigating through the limitations of the pandemic world that governs our wellbeing and sadly, there’s an information void in understanding what embodiment truly is.

According to Google, “Embodiment usually refers to how the body and its interactive processes such as perception through the senses, aid, enhance or interfere with the development of the human functioning.

Simply embodiment is “body awareness” forgotten critical human attribute since we are conditioned to orient ourselves in cognitive functionality and become heads on sticks. We are no longer in our bodies yet we exist in our bodies — our bodies intimately involved in how we are in the world, the space we take, the way we breathe, move, feel and relate is an embodiment.

There’s a higher intelligence that inhibits our bodies that are connected to our essence and conscious embodiment merges us to that higher order of intelligence within — wisdom beyond language that dissolves cognitively perpetuated control, limitations, righteousness, pride, impulse-driven defences, arrogance, expectations, entitlement.

The conscious embodiment opens up a whole new world of possibilities to self-healing, self-awareness, self-realisation, strong intuition — a clear understanding of our ways that impacts our reality, health and wellbeing.

In the Somatic Experiencing, a body-oriented approach in therapy founded by Dr Peter Levine — trusting the wisdom of the body and cultivating inner trust is the benchmark for healing and working with the body is indispensable to the foundation of the conscious embodiment.

As flow state researcher Steven Kotler says, after 25 years of studying neurobiology, there are no shortcuts, no hacks, tricks, getting your biology onboard is the key — biology scales. Often disturbingly uncomfortable to be in our bodies as we got good at escaping the body with endless distractions creating resistance to avoid bodily sensations.

So how do we become embodied?

It is not a simple process as dropping into our bodies may cause stress, anxiety and overwhelm since we learned to function neck above living in numb and disconnected states. Re-connecting with the body requires exploration of the practices such as breath-work, movement, fasting — and there are various types of somatic practices available for those who may need a safe container and support from an experienced facilitator initially.

And for those who are up for a deep-dive, microdosing psilocybin in the right context can accelerate the embodiment process. We now know that microdosing psilocybin potentially can help us discover the depths of our being, giving insights into the blocks that stand in the way of our desired reality, simple practical revelations to help release suppressed trauma, pain, anger, compulsive behaviour and repetitive patterns that have been keeping us stuck.

Microdosing psilocybin is the new frontier among the conscious embodiment tools, offering holistic wellness to strengthen self-agency and capacity to activate the inner healing intelligence, allowing space and flow to re-connect to the wisdom of the body and grounding for an enriching experience of feeling alive.

Much Love



Susan Guner

Holistic Psychotherapist | Host of Psychedelic Conversations Podcast | RESET Microdosing Integration Program