Love Is Not Our Natural State

There is a growing trend that love is our natural state available to all and comes packaged in beauty, fluff, rainbows and unicorns.

We are subject to mass engineering in such a belief that is detrimental to our evolution.

Survival is the natural state of humankind, not love. Our minds are not good at processing what is real. According to the Evolutionary perspective, our attention is always focused on survival and the rest is filtered out as this phenomenon was a huge advantage to the hunter-gatherers to stay alive.

In any given moment, we are bombarded with more stimulation than our minds can process therefore the mind will pay attention to perceived threats and filter away the rest.

Because of these attentional filters, love becomes the most difficult work. To step fully into the state of love, it’s going to take more than positive affirmations, practicing yoga, wearing crystals and burning sage.

According to Cadell Last, we must go to war for love, not the romantic kind of love but love for all and ultimately love for ourselves. That’s the real work.

It requires deep awareness to step fully into the expression of love. It requires digging into perceived self, facing emotional attachments, addiction to pain, acknowledging dysfunctions, understanding distractions we cling onto, accepting our shadows and accepting ourselves.

How can love be our natural state when we are walking around in judgement and fear?

Everything in life flows from the relationship to ourselves. To be a warrior of love is to lean into your rawness, vulnerability, courage, to discern the truth.

To be a warrior of love is to wake up, to embark on a soul journey, to self-acceptance, to remove the walls around your heart, to surrender and to trust the process.

Love and Gratitude

Holistic Psychotherapist | Host of Psychedelic Conversations Podcast | Founder of Innerflo Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy