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Microdosing for Healing Trauma

Susan Guner
1 min readJul 7, 2021


Microdosing isn’t just for achieving optimal results in health and well-being. According to World Health Org the cost of adverse developmental trauma is $1.33 trillion for US and Europe per year.

Early trauma shifts the trajectory of brain development as trauma is often organized around being a survivor and maintaining basic safety in relation to others, leading to re-traumatizing and disheartening repetitions, preventing growth, disrupting basic awareness of emotional state, consequently leading to substance abuse, eating disorder, behavioural issues, higher risk for many health problems, difficulty in personal and professional development.

And microdosing opens the individual up to a deeper realisation of their suppressed micro and macro traumas when used in a trauma-informed, group process with support and guidance. Microdosing allows the person to experience themselves and see things that they would not see in under normal circumstances, creating a window of opportunity for new insights that elicit psychological transformation.

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Susan Guner

Holistic Psychotherapist | Host of Psychedelic Conversations Podcast | RESET Microdosing Integration Program


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