New Kid On The Block

From clean eating, fasting, movement to mindfulness, there’s a new kid on the block — microdosing psilocybin!

Much is said these days about healing and transformation, and the promised clarity and peace as the outcome of the inner journey.

We want to heal but we don’t want to look within. We want to feel fully alive, but we don’t want to be vulnerable. This is so understandable and so human but it doesn’t seem to always work like that as trauma and relational wounding affect our capacity to feel safe, intimate, and connected with life.

We are now at the crossroads in understanding the nature of our responses to the traumatic organisation in the psyche and the nervous system and we now know that we cannot think our way out of the deeply ingrained coping mechanisms, unconscious self-sabotage, doubt, fear and the need for experiential process in healing and lasting change is at a critical point in these unprecedented times.

Microdosing psilocybin fast becoming a contemporary tool offering experiential, embodied, emotionally attuned inner work providing a safe passage within to release shadow material that has caused so much suffering.

And the group processes provide a safe container for the individuals to open up to their despair, grief, anger and uncertainty allowing space to connect, co-regulate and make sense together at perceptual, somatic and transpersonal levels.

The fourth and the final 6-week Reset Microdosing Program for this year is now open for enrolment!!

Join us, let’s embark on a sacred alchemical process with fierce grace.

Mush ❤️

Click the link to join 👇🏻




Holistic Psychotherapist | Host of Psychedelic Conversations Podcast | RESET Microdosing Integration Program

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Susan Guner

Susan Guner

Holistic Psychotherapist | Host of Psychedelic Conversations Podcast | RESET Microdosing Integration Program

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