Art by Brooke Shaden

Selfless help is Deeply Selfish

Humanity is undergoing a profound shift in consciousness, and we are witnessing emerging outgrowth of our capacity for empathy, expressing love and light and extending our biological instinct of empathy to serve others in ways that never heard of in the past.

Is it really about serving and helping others?

Can we actually help others?

Are we caught in the frustrating gap between ego drives masking as ‘selfless service act’ to avoid the real work?

And I don’t mean helping someone to achieve personal life goals or teaching a skill. I mean the real and raw spiritual growth in self-awareness, self-inquiry and self-work.

The idea that we can change, transform and enlighten others is the most prevalent and deepest delusion. We are intrinsically centred in self-interest and mostly spend a lifetime proving our self-worth that mostly plays out in the selfless act of service. We are never really helping anyone, its a myth, its the manifestation of indirect suffering of the insecure parts of ourselves that lacks self-trust.

Serving others only serves us and reveals the capacity to see through the veil of our own self-deception. The only thing we can offer someone is acceptance and love, which can only come from a place of accepting ourselves. The more we radically accept ourselves, the more we can accept others, anything outside of acceptance is a judgement.

To conclude, we cannot drag others into the light; before the light comes the capacity to hold darkness with emotional maturity. The individual growth is not possible without ownership and brutal honesty that requires paradigm shifts. The lack we see in others is the lack within us that comes from the inability to accept and trust ourselves. The greatest service we can render to humanity is taking ownership of our own self-work and have the responsibility to grow in self-awareness.

Self-work is our gateway to understanding our drives, motives and impulses to become empowered beings.

Love and Courage

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