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The Silent Pandemic; Mental Health Crisis

Susan Guner
2 min readFeb 25, 2021

Covid has left many with PTSD. The cost of exposure to natural disasters and extreme life-threatening events is devastating. We’re facing an equally severe increase in addiction, depression, anxiety and suicide.

Covid mental health crises is an opportunity for some of the private organisations that offer alternative treatments with psychedelics under the umbrella of scientific research; however, due to price, policies and regulations, these treatments are not available to those who are in need most. In reality, the most vulnerable individuals cannot afford the cutting edge, emerging alternative psychedelic treatments offered privately, and the majority are not aware of the availability.

We are witnessing an increase in demand for underground psychedelic facilities that may not be equipped to deal with such complex mental health conditions of the post-pandemic mental health crisis and psychedelics for self-administration on the rise despite many risks due to desperation.

Psychedelic are powerful alternatives in healing, recovery and self-exploration; however, we may be entering into dangerous waters without education and integrating a psychedelic therapy process offered in a safe environment.

At the peak of unprecedented times, we must take responsibility and care when using psychedelics. We are once again faced with building a relationship with psychedelics and current scientific research is in full swing as well as the citizen’s science — people are taking the matter into their own hands. According to many expert researchers, the future of the mental health crisis heavily dependent upon psychedelics and the most important aspect of the psychedelic renaissance depends on us; we must approach with utmost maturity, responsibility and move forward with respect and integrity.

The future is psychedelics.

Much Love

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Susan Guner

Holistic Psychotherapist | Host of Psychedelic Conversations Podcast | RESET Microdosing Integration Program