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Trauma-Informed Group Microdosing

Susan Guner


Group microdosing; a collective journey for embodied transformation

People don’t need more gurus, more books, more information, people need communities, group processes, supportive environments, a safe container to get out of their heads and drop into their bodies to become more authentic, embodied and emotionally integrated human.

As adults, we are expected to self-regulate; that is, be in control of our thoughts, emotions, and physiologies and Neuroscience shows that humans develop their abilities for emotional self-regulation through connections.

According to Dr Bessel van der Kolk, “at the core of traumatic stress is the breakdown in the capacity to regulate internal states” and in most cases, self-regulation is a myth because we can only self-regulate to an extent that we were co-regulated as children.

Co-regulation is a skill that is missing for many of us growing up by the caregivers in early emotional development to help us self-regulate.

The term co-regulation simply is a process where one nervous system calms another, producing a feedback loop that is soothing for both. And co-regulation can take many forms such as authentic sharing, open communications, acknowledging the other, supportive silence, invitation to reflective problem-solving, active listening, showing care, kindness and compassion.

There are trends in the self-improvement field that are addictive, destructive and people are detached, disconnected from almost every aspect of their lives, disconnected from the food they eat, disconnected from their relationship, disconnected from the tasks they are engaged in, disconnected from themselves and continually chasing an idealistic image far out in the future, unreachable, unrealistic, impulse-driven and toxic to the mind-body-spirit. We live in a time that supports individualism, codependency, a borderline culture that suppresses our innate, inner tribalism, social wiring and the need for authentic connections with our fellow humans.

Rick Doblin, (founder of MAPS Canada, a leading psychedelic research organisation) plans to launch a group process with psilocybin therapy to optimise results. This is breaking news among psychedelic communities and also reaffirming for us to continue offering group microdosing processes that have been super successful in achieving optimal results since January.

“We must co-regulate to self-regulate”

The next group program is in July, get on the waitlist!

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Susan Guner

Holistic Psychotherapist | Host of Psychedelic Conversations Podcast | RESET Microdosing Integration Program