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Ultimate Wound is The Mother Wound

Susan Guner
4 min readAug 5, 2023


*Disclaimer: this blog attempts to shed light on the truth of coming to being as a precious life by the precious carrier we call “mom” — regardless of our connection dynamic with them, it’s our responsibility to see beyond our mother wound and realise that IT DID NOT START WITH THEM — our template is passed on for generations — womb to womb from the beginning of time, sooner we work together on our overdue “psychological separation” from the “mother template”, sooner we can experience liberation, freedom, autonomy.

“New evidence shows that human beings are constructed by their environment, not just their DNA. Our first and most significant environment is our mother’s womb. Our experiences in utero are carried into our adult lives. They influence our decisions — and the state of the world.”

Why wouldn’t we go back to the womb to start understanding life?

Life begins pre-birth, time before birth is what lays down the foundations of the development process that will form the scaffolding of our adult lives and our pre-birth environment is our mother’s environment. In utero, the emotional and nutritional environment becomes the primary basis of our developing bio-chemical trajectory, we are the receiver of the chemical concoction of the mother’s emotional states. Our genetic code is fined tuned by the environment that turns on/off to adapt — and not all adaptations are for the better, rather, selective to shift and alter in the embryogenesis stages.

The evolutionary perspective suggests that the early environment determines the capacity of the infant’s ability to self-regulate. In the context of history, increasing destruction of the family, tribe, community, and village leads to less connection, more isolation and loss of co-regulation that is furthering the emotional disconnection, psychological stability, robust internal capacity for self-regulation and compromises the inner navigation system. Emotional deprivation in early life fosters violence and aggression and in some cases leads to shut down impacting brain development.

A stressed mother/caregiver is not able to attune to the infant, and depressed mothers are not in synchrony which leads to pre-disposition to depression in the infant. Children that are emotionally inhibited will become dysfunctional and hostile and that starts in the womb. Every second of pre-natal life 50k neurons are being produced that are organised for healthy function or not — it’s the process of imprinting neuro-psychopathology or neuro-psychiatric disorders.

Life in utero is the process of the mother’s template getting passed onto the baby, a tiny life absorbing all of that without any way of knowing the mother’s struggles, and challenges, instead internalising it as the truth of their own story where early survival adaptations are imprinted because their life depends on it. Now we have a baby that has limitations and is going to protect those maladaptive wiring because those were set up very early for survival.

We don’t realise the depth of the early survival adaptations that become our added layers of the mother template — it is our hardware, indestructible design, impossible to crack open until coming to terms with the reality of it and start working incrementally to break open by revisiting the held pain and trauma to revive and rewire new neuro pathways that could potentially lead to psychological separation from the template.

The pre-verbal experiences are wired into the system, that’s why we cannot talk ourselves out of it. Until we are able to build internal capacity to go through our psychological separation from the imprint, nothing changes, nothing heals, nothing transforms.

One of the reasons why we have a multi-billion self-help industry with an infinite supply of products, tools, modalities, and biohacking as well as an infinite supply of therapy modalities, and therapeutic tools that can only provide capacity building, not the solution.

What about the infinite supply of spiritual and esoteric materials? Let’s not even go there! All of it can only provide support in building capacity, and intellectual understanding — yet, most of the time perpetuates further problems.

The hard truth is, there’s no quick fix and solution, the only way out of the template is the process of psychological separation that can lead to liberation.

Love and Courage

Check out In Utero documentary to learn more about the early stages of development:

Another great documentary to learn about the early stages of development is Dr Stan Grof’s “Cartography of the Psyche” depicted in The Way of the Psychonaut:

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