Microdosing is the phenomenon of taking small, controlled doses of psychedelic substances and the idea is that the quantity is too small to produce noticeable effects of being high but big enough to change thought patterns and behaviours, function better, happier and more productive.

One Canadian study recruited people from online forums to ask about microdosing habits and mental health and research found that nearly 25% of users reported a sharpened focus and heightened energy and 13% said microdosing alleviated their existing anxiety and stress. Further, more than 20% reported that their mood and outlook on life improved.

Psilocybin mushrooms have been used ceremonially for thousands of years and recently has become the next best thing in holistic healing and wellness. Some of the known benefits that stand out are;

  1. stimulate the growth of new brain cells
  2. helps deal with social rejection
  3. alleviate OCD symptoms, anxiety, PTSD and depression
  4. connecting the brain in new ways and promoting neurogenesis

Further studies have shown evidence that psilocybin significantly reduces anxiety in patients with life-threatening illnesses like cancer.

Who should use microdosing?

✅ Anyone who suffers from increased anxiety due to uncertainty of the future and affected by the current pandemic crises

✅ Anyone who is seeking an alternative medicine to heal their mind and body

✅ Anyone who feels under the pressure of life’s challenges

✅ Anyone who suffers from depression

✅ Anyone who is seeking spiritual growth

✅ Anyone who has tried everything in modern medicine and not received positive results

✅ Anyone with chronic pain, aches and inflammation

✅ Anyone who is looking to transcend past traumas and improve their life experience

✅ Anyone who is experiencing dissociation, disconnection from themselves

✅ Anyone who is experiencing challenging relationships

✅ Anyone who is experiencing deep sadness and low mood

✅ Anyone who lost hope in life and live in fear

✅ Anyone who is seeking to claim sovereignty

✅ Anyone who is looking to boost their self-esteem

✅ Anyone who is seeking to boost their creativity, focus and clarity

✅ Anyone who is looking to connect to a higher order and wisdom

✅ Anyone who is seeking to grow in awareness and courage

✅ Anyone ready to live their truth and seeking self-acceptance

✅ Anyone who feels that they don’t fit in the society

✅ Anyone who is seeking to do deep self-work

✅ Anyone ready to confront their unconscious drives

✅ Anyone who is seeking to claim self-agency and take responsibility and ownership of themselves

✅ Anyone ready to transcend their limiting beliefs

✅ Anyone who is looking to improve their general well-being

✅ Anyone who is going through a tough time and needs emotional support

✅ Anyone who feels stuck

✅ Anyone who innately knows there’s more to life and need initiation

✅ Anyone who is seeking to unlock their capacity for more profound intuition and soul connection

✅ Anyone who respects psychedelics and regards them as medicine for life

✅ Anyone ready to explore new territory in life and themselves

✅ Anyone who suffers from an addiction

✅ Anyone who suffers from intrusive thoughts, self-loathing, self-criticism and self-sabotage

✅ Anyone who is seeking to improve the quality of their life

✅ Anyone curious and seeking to explore the psychedelic realm

✅ Anyone seeking to learn mindfulness and meditation practice

✅ Anyone who is seeking to eliminate stress

✅ Anyone who is seeking to connect with nature

Mush Love

Holistic Psychotherapist | Host of Psychedelic Conversations Podcast | Founder of Innerflo Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy